Second coming

I don’t really know what i am doing here. I don’t know what is worth posting about, how regularly i should be posting if something is worthy, and weather or not i should be posting while i have nothing to accompany my post.  Because that is where the idea came about for this ‘blog’. I want to give. I have a few old game tile sets that aren’t great, but are entirely functional that may be of use to someone.  Occasionally i will run up wall papers.  Perhaps i will throw in tutorials that i have found useful. Perhaps i can run up some tutorials of my own, if when i am posting about my current projects something stands out. Right now things are still up in the air. I want to do every part of this right, just like everything else i bother to focus on, and i don’t know if i can juggle all of that.

I have one more day of work to get through before my weekend of sorts. Hope it stops raining long enough for me to do some washing.


About Steven

24 year old chap living is a small, New Zealand town.

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