Ok, so I guess i should really post about why I am not posting. I really want this blog to be a tool for my game development. But then again I want to keep my project to myself until I am far enough along to really be sure i have it in the bag. Especially as things are still changing within the game. Mainly to do with the story/theme.  For example i have created a functional ‘conversation’ system, can be set up for an announcement, a monologue, or a two person conversation. Ultimately not very different things but the system works. Then I decide last night that there won’t be other characters as such, that it would be a lonely reflective adventure, which makes my system ultimately redundant.

There are only a few things left to really work on. I need to remake the swimming system, it bugs out a bit now that my game isn’t running an unlimited frame rate( there is quite a difference between 2000fps and 60fps) Considering a quick save system, Construct has an internal quicksave/load system, but because I use the physics behaviour i need to manually save and set some objects positions. A few more traps to build, I really want to have a wide range of traps, and a wide range of visual cues for them. Only have cogs so far!

Hopefully I can make some progress so I can feel comfortable showing what I have been up to for so long.


About Steven

24 year old chap living is a small, New Zealand town.

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