Today has been a windy and wild day. I used to love this kind of weather, however it is generally far more violent where I live now that it is somewhat disconcerting.  But today has been pleasant.

I have been working on my game more regularly in the last few days. First main improvement was done to the players movement in water. In most platform and fps games, water represents low gravity,  with the player sinking constantly, tapping jump to stay at the surface. This is quite easy to achieve, especially with Constructs platform movement. But for some reason I wanted to turn everything on its head and use buoyancy. I wanted the feeling of velocity as you jump from a high place and spear under the water, then float to the surface.  I believe I have achieved this feeling quite well. All that is left to complete the impression is a bunch of effects, custom particles to really sell it.

Secondly I got stuck into the Hud/Menus. I had the menus working but I have grown dissatisfied with their blandness. So I have been working steadily all afternoon trying to sort out a good method to achieve what I wanted out of it.  When it was all working correctly I added them into the game, so now the player has control over restarting and quitting from a visual menu.  Added in falling to your death, connected that with the hud so you know how much damage a fall has done.

All in all I am pleased with these steps. It is quite impressive the amount of work that goes into making a smooth experience. And it isn’t until you actually put all these pieces together, next to each other that you realise where all the holes and starts are happening. I am a believer in consistency, all the menus control the same, look the same, and I need to sort out some transitions between the menus to resemble the transitions I have between levels.

And as an aside, anyone that works on big projects, shares anything online etc, you need to get a dropbox. I upload my entire project folder regularly,  so if anything untoward should happen to my pc my work will be safe.  Keep your work safe.


About Steven

24 year old chap living is a small, New Zealand town.

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