Water pressure

Water pressure

In my game I have worked quite hard on making movement in water to closer resemble reality. Of course it will be faster and easier, more exaggerated, how ever I don’t want the standard movement of a lessened gravity, constant sinking, constant jumping to hop along the surface. No, I want buoyancy, I want to float, to have to swim down. Which is turning a platform engine on its head. Literally. I have remade the water movement about 6 times.

Each time it seems great but then a situation crops up that makes it fall apart. Stuff like, running the game under 1000fps makes you bob uncontrollably at the surface, or only being able to have one water body.

Either way, I asked a few people who have some knowledge about water pressure to find out that, as in the image, the depth pressure at B is equal to A, C is the air compressed into the chamber. I had thought that this would be the case. So I got down to programming it as such, and succeeded to find it works just like you would think. Jumping into the water at point B, is the same as point A, which is quite deep. I am not sure how this would affect people at great depths in the real world. Makes me wonder about movies like Deep Blue Sea(my head is like a sharks fin) With the internal dive pool. Perhaps it was not that deep. Either way, it ruined the movement trying to jump into water that pressurized. So I have had to remake it again.

Ultimately I have settled on a constant pressure, instead of a gradient pressure. I needed it to work across chambers, and to remain functional the whole time.

I find it amusing that my main interests(video games and art) require me to basically know everything, or enough of everything to fake it.


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