Power Balance

So power balance bracelets  have become quite popular in the town I live in. I work in a sporting goods store, and have customers asking me where they can get these things from, why we do not sell them. I wouldn’t be surprised if, eventually they do turn up in store, because this world is all about making money, and if people want to give it to you, then you take it. But I am really kind of uncomfortable with the idea that next to logical, scientifically engineered and constructed equipment and clothing, there will be magical bracelets. Magical bracelets that, with the power of gray skull, and holograms, will synchronise your energy field and make you stronger. It is actually kind of scary that modern people can be so taken in by talismans and snake oil. But then again there is a booming homeopathy industry. I will probably leave the decision with the customer when it comes to it. I don’t have to endorse anything we sell, but I do think it is against the rules to directly tell customers a product is rubbish.

So if anyone is remotely interested in these ridiculous products, I implore that you do some research before joining the fad, take note that the promotional videos on youtube that have commenting disabled. Don’t be fooled into thinking that David Beckham is making a personal choice to wear two power balance bracelets. Think.


About Steven

24 year old chap living is a small, New Zealand town.

Posted on September 27, 2010, in Interesting, Life, Think. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Anonomous but good looking

    They are crap – I have one. They suck.

  2. Ah its just this decades version of those copper bracelets that were supposed to aid arthritis.

    More power to these manufacturers that are able to dupe customers with fairy tales of magic.

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