We really don’t know a whole lot about everything. The more I learn the more I find is missing.  That really is part of the fun in the grand scheme of things. But it can be frustrating.

However, something that is entirely frustrating, without fun, is trying to understand how so many people on this planet can be so drawn to pseudo-scientific nonsense. How desperately they will cling to it. Now, desperation is understandable for those people in situations where anything would be done to survive or to save a dearly loved friend/relative.

But those who have the ability, time and safety to open their eyes and really look at what is going on, and who do not, are doing a disservice to the human race.

I write this in the wake of devastating earthquakes in my home country of New Zealand.  Vaguely predicted after the fact by a lunatic. A lunatic who sells lunar based weather forecasts for 12nzd a week. This man is now in the media light,  Vaguely predicting the next tremor, probably enjoying a bump in e book sales.  And being believed.

Aftershocks since the September earthquake. Count how many there are. Make a prediction, plus or minus 3 days, what do you think your chances of being right are?


Power bands, charms, faith healers, dousing rods, magnets, vibrations, conspiracy theories, moon men. All fall apart if you open your eyes.


About Steven

24 year old chap living is a small, New Zealand town.

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