Fight Night Champion Review/Thoughts

I have wanted to do this for a while. There are not a whole lot of games out there that actually hold my interest for very long, and I wanted to highlight a few of the really impressive ones, and maybe throw around some thoughts I have for whatever I am currently playing.

Just to clarify, Fight Night Champion is whatever I am currently playing. This game series has so much potential, but is let down in so many places.

I have been playing Fight Night round 4 for a year or so. It is a good game,  but has some strikingly poor aspects to it. These aspects have not been addressed in this years iteration. I must confess that I only play a small section of the game, mostly Legacy, with FNC I have played Champion mode. I have no interest in Fight Now modes or Online, so this may undermine the products worth further.

Anyhow, Legacy mode is back, the awkward interface is exactly the same, the awkward controls are exactly the same, the annoying and almost impossibly hard mini games are exactly the same, save for the fact you cannot skip them anymore. Leveling up your boxer has been changed somewhat from a simple but limited 2 steps forward, 1 step back system to an XP and Athleticism system. XP is earned from engaging in the horrible mini games, and from engaging in fights(good idea) As for Athleticism, well, I have not idea what it is or what it does. The game does not explain offbeat systems like this. Leveling up is slow and progress is slow and confusing.

As for Champion mode. I had no intentions of playing this mode when I bought the game, and was pleasantly surprised with it. The story was ok, the presentation was nice, the flow was there. The locked in match requirements were less stellar parts mind you, such as having to fight one handed or only attacking the head. Wonderful twist where you play as the main antagonist to get a feel for what he can do, which is monstrously beyond anything any fighter in the game could do, and to knock some sense into the stupid younger brother character.  Then we come to what I assume is the final fight of the mode. Taking on the bad guy. With locked in match requirements. Don’t get hit for 2 rounds, land 75 body punches in the next 3 rounds, guarding a cut for 2 rounds. This vs a chap that can knock you down with any punch, a chap with no stamina drain. I have not completed this mode, and as much as I want to see the end, I don’t want to suffer through this fight.

The core game play has been improved, the graphics are incredible. The good parts of round 4 are better and the bad parts are worse. It is quite frustrating.


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